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Joy of Giving February 2013

John 3:16  “ For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish ,but shall have everlasting life” The festive season of giving and wishing good cheer is over and we probably feel we have done our good deed of giving. Yet when we watch […]

Prayer for January 2013

Psalm 39: verse 4 –“Lord remind me how brief my time on earth will be Remind me that my days are numbered” Most people waited with bated breath for the ringing in of the New Year 2013. There was excitement and euphoria in the air, in fact an expectant urgency of a magical new year. […]

Christmas A Time Of Joy

Christmas is the season of joy. It is a time of GOD sharing His love with us (human beings). It is a time of healing and renewed strength. At Christmas we celebrate the birth of JESUS CHRIST —– the Godchild. GOD became man in JESUS CHRIST. His birth brought joy to the world. The shepherds, […]

Prayer for October 2012

“As a man thinketh so shall he be “Bible PROVERBS 3v27 1. Know that we can remake ourselves by giving a new blueprint to our subconscious mind. 2. Control your thoughts. Every thought you think is accepted as true by your subconscious mind and becomes a reality in your life. 3. The tendency of our […]

Fathersday September 2012

Meditation July 2012

“ FOR  AS  A  MAN  THINKETH  IN  HIS  HEART, SO  IS  HE ‘’.  Proverbs 23  verse 7 Reading the Indian newspaper “ Indian  Times ‘’ I  came across the interview of  Vidya Balan,  the famous  Bollywood actress , who said and I quote “ When I accepted myself completely and felt unapologetic about the way […]

Meditation June 2012

Life is blessed and good Romans 8, 31 – 39 . BIBLE One day my grandson looked up from what he was doing and exclaimed “ grandma I love you ”,  I  asked why?  Without missing a beat he said “ because you are cuddly. He was then probably about 3 years old. What warmth […]

Prayer For May 2012

Today Matters ——- Yesterday Is Gone — Tomorrow Is Not Yet Come There is a place in future that we often speak of ,  we call it, ONE DAY, the time when we will accomplish all those things we have always wanted to do.  The time when we have lost weight and restore our joy. […]

Authentic Love

Matthew  ch19 verse 19 “  you shall love your neighbour as you love yourself ” Jesus from Bible I have been pondering on this verse for a while . All the literature and messages based on this verse FOCUS on the neighbour and not on self. Why did Jesus say love your neighbour as YOURSELF? […]

Easter Message 2012

The Birth, Death, And Resurrection Of Christ Jesus Is The Crux And The Centre Fold Of the Christian Faith. Recently the Christians celebrated EASTER. What message does EASTER have? to most of us, it is about Easter eggs. But the real message of Easter is examining self. Looking at your heart and searching for yourself. Deciding what […]

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