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Life is blessed and good Romans 8, 31 – 39 . BIBLE

One day my grandson looked up from what he was doing and exclaimed “ grandma I love you ”,  I  asked why?  Without missing a beat he said “ because you are cuddly. He was then probably about 3 years old. What warmth and pleasure those words brought to my heart. My grandson loved me not because I was impeccable, he loves me because I am his grandma.

The pleasure of belonging to a family is a treasure indeed. Family is the first thing we inherit or become part of at birth. Family gives us our identity, our sense of belonging, and our emotional fulfillment. The measure of influence our family has on us is immense. Our family is a force of influence, support at the time of need, a haven of shelter and a shoulder to cry upon when needed. Family is love in motion.

We live in an universe with an organized structure. Our planet earth is made up of continents, then countries. Countries are made up of states, municipalities, cities and towns; these are made up of families or homes and then individuals. So we can say that the world is made up of people and families.

May I suggest that we look at the impact of our family upon ourselves, our community and especially the next generation? As an individual or collectively the FAMILY is the world shaper of the future.

And today I say my life is truly blessed because of my family.


GOD Almighty, thank you for my family. May your blessing of love, abundance and safety surround them. Grant me the strength to live a credible life and be a source of encouragement for my family. Amen

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Family Is The Heritage Of Yesterday,

Identity Of Today And The Future Of Tomorrow.

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