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2nd Prayer 2011 – Gratitude

“Offer to GOD gratitude and pay your vows to the highest for the abundance” ps 50:14 Recently I watched Oprah interview Michael J Fox, who suffers from Parkinson’s’ Disease. The interview was overwhelming. The audience was awestruck by Michael J Fox who in spite of his obstacles was grateful for the many other blessings in […]

1st Prayer 2011

Watching Our Words “Kind words are like honey-sweet for the soul and healthy for the body’’ proverbs 16:24 At the beginning of this year 2011, I would like to look at the power and force of our spoken word! Our words can be a soothing balm or a sword that cuts painfully. Our spoken words […]

Prayer for December 2010

December is a very important month. It heralds the end of the working year. It is time for Christmas parties and exchanges of gifts. Kris kringle abounds. There is a hustle and bustle in the air; shops open longer hours as people go in search of that perfect gift. Are you having trouble searching for […]

June Prayer & On a whim

On a whim, I bought a red foil balloon at my local market. The message “ I Love You” was streamed all over the balloon. As I was loading bags into my car, the strings of the balloon slid through my fingers and the balloon drifted away. I stood there watching it float away until […]

Prayer at Easter Time

Easter is very sacred and holy for Christians. It portrays JESUS death and resurrection. On the cross, Jesus cried “It is finished”. And then gave up his spirit. Jesus was buried but after 3 days HE rose and many people saw HIM. Jesus was victorious, and the main message of Easter is that we as […]

1st prayer for 2010

1st prayer for 2010. 2010 is upon us. New year resolutions have been made and probably already broken. I would like to look at the beginning of the year as a time to spring clean. Spring cleaning is a daunting task but needs to be done , for if we don’t spring clean rubbish collects […]

Focus – Prayer for November 2009

We are fast approaching the end of the calendar year and many of us are rejoicing because our year has been fruitful. While some of us are stressed and frustrated because we have failed to give fruit to our new year resolutions. A few us believe that December is the end of our destination, IT […]

Prayer for September 2009

Life Is Blessed And Good Romans 8: 31-39 While celebrating my 40th wedding anniversary with family and friends , I reminded myself of the simple truth that life is blessed and good. I think that each one of us needs to remind ourselves of this simple truth ‘ that life is good ‘. Sometimes with […]

Meditation for March 2009

We all love to watch reality shows of good luck or unexpected blessings. The show on channel 9 “Home Blitz” touches everyone’s heart. We delight in their joy and good fortune. We even imagine what it would be like if we had the same means of blessing others. The fact is we all have some […]

Prayer for 1st Week of 2009

We all welcome the New Year with so much excitement and hope. All old things have passed away and new things will come. It seems that we think that at the stroke of the clock at midnight our lives will be changed and we will be filled with euphoria and joy forever. We make resolutions […]

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