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Matthew  ch19 verse 19 “  you shall love your neighbour as you love yourself ” Jesus from Bible

I have been pondering on this verse for a while . All the literature and messages based on this verse FOCUS on the neighbour and not on self. Why did Jesus say love your neighbour as YOURSELF? The most important message I derive from this famous verse is to first love yourself before you can love others.

What Does Loving Yourself Mean?

To me loving myself means taking good care of myself and being at peace with myself.

Being grateful with what I have and counting my blessings – of family, friends, job, work colleagues, freedom of choice and many other benefits that I enjoy in this country.

Practicing and enriching my life with loyalty, thoughtfulness, burden-sharing, speaking kind words, and being generous.

Discovering the child within me, my enthusiasm, my passion, and my hopes. Losing myself in the fun and freedom of play and laughter.

Celebrating the adult within me ——  my maturity, my compassion, my responsibility and my wisdom.

Being kind to my body by my diet and drinking style, my dressing style, my attitudinal style, my health and exercise style.

Being nice to my body and accepting it, for it is the temple and shrine of my soul and spirit.

Measuring myself and my success with my values, my family, my friends, and my work ethics and not by my material possessions.

If I truly love myself as a person then I can love others as GOD wants me to.


Thank you dear GOD for creating the unique person that I am. Thank you for the special purpose you have ordained me for and my special place in this universe. Grant me grace to love myself so that I may love others.

Thought  for  the  month

People do not remember the gifts and advise you give them, People always remember how you made them FEEL.

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