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There are a lot of beautiful moments to be found in nature, if and when we stop to admire it.  The dancing of the tree branches, the music of the running streams, the romance of the moon-lit night, the gentle touch of the moving breeze, and the golden hues of the setting sun. These are but a few of the natural magical and beautiful moments, which go unnoticed by many of us.

God makes extravagant beauty out of seemingly mundane things, using water, air, and sunshine  God makes wondrous works of art. Each of His works is unique.  We enjoy his work of art in the skies above and on the earth below. We marvel at the intricacy of nature.

Yet we take the greatest marvel of God’s creation for granted,  THE CREATION OF HUMAN LIFE.  We were created out of something ordinary, the dust of the earth.[ Bible ] And created in GOD’S  own image.  We human beings are wonderful and beautiful creations.

Does anyone look at you and marvel at that wonderful creation and PRAISE God’s handiwork. Does anyone want to capture fore ever that ‘ beautiful moment ’ that is you?

Have we been an inspiration to any other fellow human being? Has our time GONE UNNOTICED?


Dear  GOD,  my time here on earth is short but give strength to make it worthwhile.

I  pray to make me a “ beautiful moment ” worth capturing in others’ hearts and mind .

Help me to fulfill the purpose of my creation.

Thought  for  the  month

Only One Life, So Live It Well

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