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In most parts of the world we celebrate  father’s day. It is a significant day in the life of any family. In every religion we are told to honour our father.

In the  Bible, in Ephesians chapter 6 verse 2 it says “ Honour your father”.  What does honoring your father mean? In my mind it means respecting your father and loving your father; not only on father’s day but every day.  A visit or a phone call to let your father know that you care.  Be proud of your father, he is the first link of your identity and ancestry. We do not choose our fathers, they are God’s gift to us. Spend time with your father to create beautiful memories.  Fathers will be gone but the memories will last and be an inspiration in one’s life.

If your father has passed on, keep him alive by talking about him, remembering the good times you had with him. Maybe once a year especially on his birthday, look at family photographs, celebrate his life with close family and friends. Remember the good times you all had with him.

Celebrating his memories is giving him the honor and love a father deserves.  Do not preserve WORDS OF LOVE, use them to tell your father you love him and show that you care.

The relationship of a father and his children is indelible and indestructible. It is one of the strongest relationships on earth. VALUE THE RELATIONSHIP.

The best gift a father can give his children is the gift of himself – his time.


The Best Fathers Not Only Give Us Life- They Teach Us How To Live.

Thought  for  the  month

Dear GOD I am thankful for my father, give me strength that I may make him proud of me.

Help me to show him my honor and respect in everything I say and do. Amen.

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