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Everyone has a  friend.  Friends are invaluable in this journey called life.

Fortunately, for us, we get to choose our friends.

Our friends mostly have similar likes and dislike and outlook on life as us.

Friends in some ways are an extension of ourselves. Life without friends can  Be quite lonely.

In the Bible Ecclesiastes chapter 4 verse 9, King Solomon talks about friends.

“Two are better than one. For if one falls the other will lift up his companion, but Sad is he who travels alone”.

Friendsareimportantalong life’s journey. They serve as confidants and burden sharers. Good friends double our joys and half our burdens.

Think about your friends, whom GOD has provided, to walk along with you in your life’s journey. Try and catch up with your friends as often as you can.

Family is our heritage, we inherit them at birth, and through marriage, but friends are the investment of our choice.

We acquire them along our life’s journey. Treasure your friends, for good and loyal friends, are hard to come by. A friend is a “trust ”, a friend is “warmth”.


Dear God, thank you for the GIFT of friendship.  I  pray for the blessing  Of health,  wealth, and happiness on all my friends.  Grant me the wisdom And strength to  BE A TRUE  FRIEND.  Make me considerate and tuned to the Needs of my friends. Amen

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Friends Are Flowers In The Garden Of Life

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