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Easter is very sacred and holy for Christians. It portrays JESUS death and resurrection.

On the cross, Jesus cried “It is finished”. And then gave up his spirit. Jesus was buried but after 3 days HE rose and many people saw HIM.

Jesus was victorious, and the main message of Easter is that we as people can be victorious in our life. We must respect the piece of GOD that we are.

GOD says in His word that he created us in HIS image, so we are a part of GOD.

If we respect the piece of God that we are , we can tap into the universal energy and   learn to respect ourselves. Once we respect ourselves we will stop comparing ourselves to others.

We are who GOD made us. We are wonderfully and fearfully made. God crafted each one of us in our mother’s womb. The uniqueness of our appearance has been crafted by a wise and loving GOD. He constructed our personality, our intellect and our talent. (psalm 139)

God’s creative work in each one of us prepares us to fulfil the greatest goal life can offer.

Christ Died That We May Live And Live A Victorious Life.

Easter message – Mathew 28 6-10

Come visualise the cross

Feel Jesus suffering and loss

Think and think again

Of his suffering and pain

Remember your sin

Examine your heart within

And count the cost of the cross

Think of the marvel ——-

Of mercy and grace

Jesus christ died for you

Come visit the place

Meet him and worship him

This easter day

Greet with rejoicing

The risen savior today

Think of the wonder

Of freedom from sin

Accept the pardon

Jesus suffered and died to bring

Meet him this easter morning

And worship him today

Accept the message

Of promise and cheer

Jesus is risen

Redemption is here

Show by your living

His power over sin

Let it be very evident

Risen christ dwells within


Thank you for Easter which takes my thoughts to the omnipotent and omniscient GOD. I thank you for your UNCONDITIONAL love for mankind by sending your son Jesus Christ.


Thought Of The Day

“ It Is Not My Ability, But My Response To God’s Ability That Counts.”

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