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On a whim, I bought a red foil balloon at my local market. The message “ I Love You” was streamed all over the balloon. As I was loading bags into my car, the strings of the balloon slid through my fingers and the balloon drifted away. I stood there watching it float away until it was a tiny red dot away in the horizon. The balloon is just a memory.

Losing the balloon reminded me of the way love sometimes vanishes from people’s lives.

Children rebel and distance themselves from parents; siblings fall out and stop talking to each other; Spouses desert; close friends stop calling. lives become empty as love has vanished.

It is at times like these that we should be thankful that GOD’S love is steady. It can sustain us when love here on earth drifts away. We can always remain in GOD’S tender embrace because HIS love and care will keep us secure. GOD’S love floats as energy in the atmosphere. The warmth of the sun falls equally on everyone. It is in times of forlorn loneliness that we need to look up at that DIVINE source of energy and love in the atmosphere that is ours to take.

If you have lost your earthly love, rest in GOD’S affection. GOD’S constant care will keep your heart safely secured.


Thank You, God, For Your Unconditional And Unfailing Love. I Thank You For The Warmth Of The Sun And The Coolness Of The Night.

Thought for the month

The mercy of God is everlasting to everlasting on those who honor him.

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