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Above all else guard your heart, for anything you do flows from it, Prove 4:23

A few months ago, my husband was diagnosed with a mild heart disorder. The cardiologist talked about different forms of heart disorders and the great danger it presented to our physical being. Guarding our hearts physically and spiritually is extremely important. Just as we need to keep our physical heart strong and healthy through healthy diet and regular exercise, we also need to keep our spiritual heart healthy and strong.

Some disorders of the spiritual heart are anger and pride. They act like poison and damage our spiritual heart greatly. These spiritual disorders manifest itself in our bodies as depression and anxiety with severe consequences to our physical wellbeing. Our ego makes us vulnerable to the temptation to hurt others with our words and action. We must get rid of all bitterness, anger, rage and hate from within us. We must learn to forgive just as GOD forgives us.

Avoiding anger and pride are critical elements of guarding our heart against spiritual malfunction. Our heart is the total sum, of who we are — our emotion, our intellect, our decisions and our will. The words we speak flow out of our heart, that’s why GOD looks at our heart. We must dwell on things that are admirable, praiseworthy and beautiful. We must keep our mouth from perversity and our lips from corrupt talk. Guarding our heart from unworthy thoughts and emotions will give us a calmness and serenity that comes through possessing inner peace and beauty.


Dear GOD I pray for YOUR peace that surpasses all understanding to fill my heart and mind.

Grant me the grace, the power, the strength and determination to guard my heart against all ills.

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Our inner beauty reflects in our day to day actions.

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