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“Offer to GOD gratitude and pay your vows to the highest for the abundance” ps 50:14

Recently I watched Oprah interview Michael J Fox, who suffers from Parkinson’s’ Disease. The interview was overwhelming. The audience was awestruck by Michael J Fox who in spite of his obstacles was grateful for the many other blessings in his life. The attitude of Michael J Fox got me thinking about being GRATEFUL.

Are we grateful for the multitudes of blessings that come our way?

How many times do we stop to say thank you and really appreciate the good things in life?

GRATITUDE is the base ingredient of life. A life lived with gratitude is a happy and fulfilling life.

Some things we can be grateful for.

  1. Our country Australia – is a land of freedom, it is multiracial, multicultural, and a land of opportunity and equality.
  2. The material comfort in this country, eg transport, roads, electricity, clean water, an abundance of food, free health services, and social services.
  3. Our jobs, our boss, and our colleagues.
  4. Our unique creation,-“ God created man in HIS own image, and in HIS own likeness”  be grateful for the uniqueness of our human mind that even computer technology can not duplicate.
  5. Our human body,- be grateful for the human body. It is the greatest invention on planet earth. There is nothing that can come even close to replicating the body’s magnificence!
  6. Our family, – they are a link to our past, they give us identity and a sense of belonging and purpose.
  7. Our friends – they are our support and our link to our community.

I could go on and write a book on being grateful, but at this point in time let us focus on the few points mentioned above and be grateful to our almighty GOD  for HIS wonderful providence.


Dear GOD, I thank you for my life and all that I am. Thank you for the sun and its warmth. Give me the strength to be grateful for all that I have and to share it with others. Thank you for the courage you give me to live my life with integrity and dignity.

Thought for the month

Gratitude is the bridge to love.

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