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1st prayer for 2010.

2010 is upon us. New year resolutions have been made and probably already broken.

I would like to look at the beginning of the year as a time to spring clean. Spring cleaning is a daunting task but needs to be done , for if we don’t spring clean rubbish collects and clutters the space.

Life, As it happens, is littered with situations that need ongoing attention and maintenance. We need to look within ourselves and get rid of the clutter of jealousy, hate, anger, bitterness, etc from our lives.

Once we spring clean our lives we can listen less to our thoughts and more to GOD’S thoughts.

When our hearts are reconnected with GOD’S energy, we feel HIS strength and are truly energized. HE is able to renew our mind and create in us thoughts of joy, peace, and happiness which is our (HUMAN BEINGS)  natural state.

So for the year 2010, I choose to dwell on the following thoughts based on PSALM 123.

1} The universe I live in is full of abundance, so all my needs will be met.

2} Majority of the people in the Universe are happy and healthy, so I choose to attract health and happiness.

3) My family loves me and I love the members of my family.

4} There is an abundance of peace-loving and harmonious people in the universe and I am one of them

5} GOD is still in control of the universe and I choose to live in HIS light and guidance.

I Have The Vision  And You My God Have The Provision.


Father: Thank you for the gift of life. You are the GOD of love, peace, joy, power, and  Purpose.

Thank you for creating me in Your image and including me in Your purpose for this universe. With Your love and energy within me, I will live a peaceful, harmonious, and fulfilling life in the year 2010.


Thought Of The Day

God has made each of us unique and given each of us a special gift and a specific purpose to fulfill in life.

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