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Watching Our Words

“Kind words are like honey-sweet for the soul and healthy for the body’’ proverbs 16:24

At the beginning of this year 2011, I would like to look at the power and force of our spoken word!

Our words can be a soothing balm or a sword that cuts painfully. Our spoken words can either build people up or tear them down. Proverbs 16:24 calls us to stop and think before we speak and to choose our words carefully and wisely so they can bring peace and joy rather than hurt.

Words of kindness are sweet gifts to their hearers. Kind words can bring healing to relationships. Meaningful words can powerfully encourage others and infuse them with hope. Soft and loving words can soothe fear and release pain. Gracious words can promote positive energy and health in their hearers.

Ask God to fill you with kind and nourishing words for all the people you encounter each day — especially your family — and those you work with. It is when people are most irritating and unlovable that they need kind, loving words the most.

“Cold Words Freeze People, Angry Words Scorch People”


Dear GOD give me kind words—your words of life to bless the people around me.

Fill my soul with your spirit and soften my words.

May my words be the gift of sweetness to those around me.

Thought for the month

Words are a bridge linking people together

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